UVisualize is part of the Visualize family of laser alignment detection products designed for viewing the beam during beam profile measurements and component alignment.

UVisualize provides ultraviolet (UV)/blue detection specifically for use with:

• Pulsed UV laser visualisation
• Nitrogen lasers
• Excimer lasers
• Tripled Nd:YAG lasers
• Quadrupled Nd:YAG lasers
• Many more UV/blue lasers


• Continuous without emission fading
• Detects radiation as low as 1 nW/cm2
• Features yellow emission - ideal even when wearing safety goggles
• Safe to use - filters mounted in non reflective housing
• Flexible - can be used in transmission or reflective viewing
• Card, wand or optical bench mount format

Prices range from £26.50 for the card design (subject to a minimum order quantity of 10 off): £65.50 for the disk/wand style (subject to a minimum order quantity of 5 off): £117.50 for the complete bench mount version (minimum order quantity of 5 off).

For OEM’s Appscintech offers a custom artwork design service for all product types, subject to minimum order quantities and artwork.

For a personalised quote please email sales@appscintech.com

Laser Align (UV) Applications Note